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Wave Ring – Sterling Silver


Ring Sizing

Made to your size. After your purchase, we’ll help you measure your finger to find your EXACT ring size.

Delivery: 2-3 weeks

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Size: Cast to your exact ring size.
  • Dimensions: Central design is 26mm x 12mm wide, 1.4mm tall.

Why does it take 2-3 weeks to get your original piece of jewellery?

Because we make it from scratch to order. When you receive your beautiful piece of jewellery, it's been handmade especially for you. There will never be another one exactly like it.

A Promise. Delivered. We promise the piece you receive will be made in the same way, and with the same materials, as the ones you see in our photos. We promise we’ll deliver on time. We promise that if you don’t love your new Circinn jewellery, we’ll refund it without any quibbles within 30 days of purchase.


Like Waves upon the Shore…

Waves crashing together. Waves merging together. Waves crested white and merging into the ocean with the deepest blue, a blue so dark it’s almost black. There’s a violence and a beauty to these endless sentries, sent forward to break upon the coastlines, then retreat and start anew. This is the inspiration of our wave ring; the beauty and danger of something that can’t be controlled.