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Solasta Necklace


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Delivery: 2-3 weeks

Solasta – the Scots Gaelic word for luminous, shining. The idea for this necklace was 2 things irresistibly attracted to each other, like the moon circling the earth.

The moon is drawn to the earth, but also has a profound impact on the tides, the season, and even how fast the earth actually spins. In the same way, 2 people can become the centre of each other’s existence, and each has a profound effect on the other. Made in 9ct Gold with Diamond and Sapphire, this is a special, timeless piece.

  • Material: 9ct Yellow Gold
  • Chain Size: Your choice of 16 or 18 inch
  • Gems: 2mm 3pt Diamond, 3mm Deep Blue Sapphire
  • Dimensions: Outside Circle: 9ct Gold 14mm circle, 1.4mm wide. Inside Bezel: 6.6mm high, 4.3mm wide and 2mm thick

Why does it take 2-3 weeks to get your original piece of jewellery?

Because we make it from scratch to order. When you receive your beautiful piece of jewellery, it\'s been handmade especially for you. There will never be another one exactly like it.

A Promise. Delivered. We promise the piece you receive will be made in the same way, and with the same materials, as the ones you see in our photos. We promise we’ll deliver on time. We promise that if you don’t love your new Circinn jewellery, we’ll refund it without any quibbles within 30 days of purchase.