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Gold Wave Bracelet With Pink Sapphires


Delivery: 2-3 weeks

Pink Sapphire Gold Wave Bracelet

Golden waves spaced with sparkling Pink Sapphire stones. This striking bracelet is elegant and timeless. Each setting has a gem on either side, so that no matter which way your bracelet flips while wearing, a startling gem is there to catch and reflect the light.

We make each piece of this bracelet individually in our casting foundry. Once the gold is poured, and we have a series of links and gem settings, we join everything together with golden hoops that we then weld closed. Each pink sapphire is then hand-set into place, slowly and meticulously. The rest is the skill of filing, shaping and polishing by hand until we have something as beautiful as in our pictures, but that our hand-made process has rendered subtly unique and individual.

Inspired by the sea, crafted by hand with each gem lovingly set in place, this is a beautiful eye-catching bracelet too good to just be saved for special occasions.

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  • Material: 9K Yellow Gold
  • Gems: 6 x 3mm Pink Sapphires
  • Dimensions: 225mm long, 6.5mm wide, 2mm thick

Why does it take 2-3 weeks to get your original piece of jewellery?

While we keep small stock of some items, others are completely hand-made to order. Once we cast and set your piece, we send it to Edinburgh Assay Office to be verified and hallmarked. This all takes time, care, and attention.

All items are sent via Royal Mail tracked delivery.

A Promise. Delivered. We promise the piece you receive will be made in the same way, and with the same materials, as the ones you see in our photos. We promise we’ll deliver on time. We promise that if you don’t love your new Circinn jewellery, we’ll refund it without any quibbles within 30 days of purchase.