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Circinn Deòir Necklace 9K white box

Deòir Necklace


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Deòir – (Gaelic) Tear Drop
A single teardrop, bound in place by your choice of white or yellow gold. Tears don’t have to be sad; they can come from Joy, from Pride, or they can be Bittersweet.

We make this necklace in our casting foundry. First, we create a wax model the exact size and shape of the finished pendant. Then we place the model in a special plaster and heat it in our kiln until the wax melts away. 9K Gold is then melted down and poured it into the plaster – filling up the spaces the wax models left behind. After that, the topaz stone is expertly set in place – held by the gold, but still allowing light to travel through. The rest is the skill of filing, shaping and polishing by hand until we have something as beautiful as in our pictures, but that our hand-made process has rendered subtly unique and individual.

This is a design that cradles a single teardrop. It whispers class and elegance.

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  • Material: 9K White or Yellow Gold
  • Chain Size: Your choice of 16 or 18 inch
  • Gems: 8mm x 6mm Teardrop Topaz
  • Dimensions: 14mm high, 6.5mm wide, and 4mm thick

Why does it take 2-3 weeks to get your original piece of jewellery?

Because we make it from scratch to order. When you receive your beautiful piece of jewellery, it's been handmade especially for you. There will never be another one exactly like it.

A Promise. Delivered. We promise the piece you receive will be made in the same way, and with the same materials, as the ones you see in our photos. We promise we’ll deliver on time. We promise that if you don’t love your new Circinn jewellery, we’ll refund it without any quibbles within 30 days of purchase.