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Circinn Drop Celtic Knot Earrings 14ct white box

Drop Celtic Knot Earrings 14K


Delivery: 2-3 weeks

Drop Celtic Knot Earrings
Celtic Knots were made to represent many concepts – protection, love, eternity…
This particular pattern is one of the most simple, but also one of the most profound. Two golden strands, representing the path of two lives. Folding over each other, interweaving each other, merging together. As you look at this pattern, you realise you aren’t looking at two strands interwoven, but one strand in two halves. The path of two individual lives is revealed to be one path, bound together in eternity.

We make these in our casting foundry. First, we create wax models that are the exact size and shape of the finished items. Then we place the models in a special plaster and heat them in our kiln until the wax melts away. We then melt the gold down and pour it into the plaster – filling up the spaces the wax models left behind. The rest is the skill of filing, shaping and polishing by hand until we have something as beautiful as in our pictures, but that our hand-made process has rendered subtly unique and individual.

These particular earrings are crafted in 14K gold, giving a rich, silky, lustre that radiates quality and elegance.

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  • Material: 14K Yellow Gold
  • Dimensions: 19mm tall, 45mm wide(not including earring hook), and 1.5mm deep

Why does it take 2-3 weeks to get your original piece of jewellery?

While we keep small stock of some items, others are completely hand-made to order. Once we cast and set your piece, we send it to Edinburgh Assay Office to be verified and hallmarked. This all takes time, care, and attention.

All items are sent via Royal Mail tracked delivery.

A Promise. Delivered. We promise the piece you receive will be made in the same way, and with the same materials, as the ones you see in our photos. We promise we’ll deliver on time. We promise that if you don’t love your new Circinn jewellery, we’ll refund it without any quibbles within 30 days of purchase.