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If you’re here, reading this, then something special is about to happen. It could be an engagement, a wedding, a graduation, a special anniversary, or one of a hundred other precious events…

Working with clients, such as yourselves, on the lead up to one of these occasions, is probably the best, and most rewarding, part of our business.

When we can collaborate and create something like this together, something that will last a lifetime, something that will forever remain unique and precious to you, it becomes a story in itself; something that’s bound in the jewels and precious metals.

“I told Becky I wanted wedding rings that no-one else would have. She created this winding Celtic pattern through both rings, and put 4 stones on mine – 2 sapphires to match my and Brian’s eyes, a brown tourmaline to match my dad’s eyes, and a green emerald to match my mum’s. She said it was to remind me that the people who love me most and watch over me will always form a part of my life. I loved it then, and I still love it now.”

Mhairi & Brian

It Starts With a Story…

“I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.”

Before we start drawing, or talking about metals and stones, we talk about the person. Who is it for? For what occasion? What’s their personality? What kind of things do they like? What’s their individual style?” We use this information to paint a picture of the person, and then see where our art fits into that picture.

We do all this during our initial consultation, where we finish off by asking for your preferences in metals and gems.

“We approached Circinn Studio with an idea of designing a special piece of jewellery for our daughter’s 21st. They gave us a few design ideas & combined with our own ideas they came up with a magnificent piece which we were very happy with. They kept us informed of the progress every step of the way with images of what the final product would look like. When we received the piece it was exactly as expected. Delivered on time & within budget. I would highly recommend Circinn Studio.”

Bert B

The Next Step

After your initial consultation, we’ll send you some sketches and ideas. So far, there’s been no commitment and no charge.

If we decide we’d like to continue to work together, then we move onto the next stage. After an initial £180 design fee (which comes off the final total), you are provided with a fully realised digital design of the piece we intend to make for you. Full measurements, details of metals, gems and cost are supplied, along with a short video, giving you a clearer idea of what your special and unique piece of jewellery will actually look like.

“Circinn designed and made the cuff links and kilt pins for our wedding. They used our family crest. We were very happy with them and my husband still wears the cuff links.”

Sarah Barr

Making It a Reality

After you have your initial design, it’s time to get specific. You tell us what you like and don’t like. We take the feedback on what you’d like to see changed in the design, and finalise into another digital design file.

Once we’ve come to an agreement on this, you pay 50% of the cost (minus your original payment of £180). We use this to buy your materials and actually make the piece. Since we make and set everything ourselves, under one roof, there’s no delay in production. We can usually complete a piece in 2-3 weeks, depending on complexity and parts. We’ll give you an actual timescale before you pay.

All of our custom designs are hallmarked at Edinburgh Assay Office before our final polish and boxing.

We’ll send you photos of your finished item, and then all that’s left to do is pay the outstanding 50% before we package your piece in a beautiful Circinn box, and send to you via your chosen delivery method.

From A down to Z…

It doesn’t matter what your celebration is, or even if it is a celebration – maybe you just love beautiful things!

Whatever your need, we do it all here, keeping control of every aspect of the design and every part of the production process.

We don’t cut corners. We don’t make do. We don’t turn in work that we can’t be 100% proud of. 

If we sound like the kind of jewellers you’d like to talk to, then you can just fill in the form below. There’s no obligation, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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