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About Us
Our History. Your story.
what speaks to you?

What does your jewellery say about you?

Is it bold? Is it discrete? Does it shout your presence, or does it draw people in, like a whisper? Is there a story behind it that’s personal to you? Is there a story to it that’s obvious at first glance?

Our goal here is to make something you treasure so much you can’t bear to take it off. Something so beautiful and personal to you that you play with the way it reflects the light, or feel its texture between your fingertips when you sip your morning coffee.

The designs we sell here are influenced by the immediate world around us. The designs we make for individual customers are centred entirely on them, and their unique story.

original designs. precision craftsmanship.

We make everything we sell. We design everything we make.

Our designs are influenced by the immediate world around us. We have pieces that are more obviously Scottish, things like our Celtic gold range, or our thistle pieces. Then there are things that are inspired by the language, like our Gaelic collection, or by the night sky, such as our constellation necklaces. Other inspirations just give a slight flavour to our pieces; a Caledonian hint running through a ring or necklace, where the initial connection isn’t so overt.

When we started Circinn, we knew that stories and beautiful designs wouldn’t be enough. When we opened our workshop, we imported a full casting foundry from overseas. We invested in the latest state-of-the-art design software. We worked tirelessly in new and ancient technologies, and spent countless hours honing our gem-setting and benchwork skills.

It was worth it. At the end of the day, we had the business we wanted – a jewellery workshop where every aspect of design and making is done under one roof, and where not one piece of jewellery leaves the building if we can’t be 100% proud of it.

your story. Your jewellery.

Our Custom Designs.

Here’s an example of one of our commissions (actually one of our favourites). A gift for a young lady who’d recently lost both her grandparents. Her grandmother loved orchids, so we designed an orchid in white and yellow gold, with both their birthstones and the signatures from the last piece of writing she ever received from them engraved into two hearts.

Making custom pieces for our clients is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. If you’d like a no-commitment consultation, simply click below to make an online appointment.

“We approached Circinn Studio with an idea of designing a special piece of jewellery for our daughter’s 21st. They gave us a few design ideas & combined with our own ideas they came up with a magnificent piece which we were very happy with. They kept us informed of the progress every step of the way with images of what the final product would look like. When we received the piece it was exactly as expected. Delivered on time & within budget. I would highly recommend Circinn Studio.”

Bert B

Who we are

Circinn – What’s in a name?

Circinn is actually the old Pictish name for where we live and work. We thought it was an appropriate name for a business with its feet so rooted in its past and location.

As for us – here’s a little bit more about this husband and wife team:



Artist & Designer

All of the designs you see started out as a pencil sketch in my notebook. I take my inspiration from the world around us, trying to mix a  distinctive style into my lifelong passion for designing and making beautiful jewellery. I’m also responsible for all of the photography you see here on our site, and on our social media. I’m most at home exploring the natural world we try to reflect in our designs.



Engineer & Storyteller

I’m an Engineer with over 20 years of experience in Europe, the US and Asia. My father was also an Engineer. His father was a master blacksmith, as was his, and so on. Working with the metal is something I enjoy to the point of complete immersion. What I enjoy just as much is taking new technologies, like Computer Aided Design and 3D printing, and blending them with the ancient technologies of metalsmithing and lost wax casting, in order to make something beautiful and truly unique.

it’s all about where you are

Where are we now?

The past few years have seen a lot of change for us. When we first started out, we were making simple silver pieces and finding our feet as artists and makers. Now, most of our range is in gold, and quite a lot of that in 14ct and 18ct. It means we can concentrate on individual pieces, and spend the time and attention on each to bring it to the level of perfection we require.

What hasn’t changed is that we continue to travel and explore this beautiful country of ours. We continue to be inspired by the history, the nature, the myths, the legends, and the culture.

“I absolutely love my Glacadh necklace! I wear it all the time and always receive comments on how pretty and unusual the design is. The actual workmanship is beautiful, it really is perfect. Thank you so much Circinn!”

Amanda Parker

“I love this ring! To be honest, I was a bit wary of buying jewellery online, so I looked through your facebook feed before ordering. I’m glad I went for it, this is my new favourite piece of jewellery. I love the flippy-ness of the charm.”

Lauren Stokes

One eye to the future

What happens next?

As we continue on, we’re releasing new collections, new pieces, and doing new custom work for our clients. We’ve branched into 18ct gold, and white gold alloys mixed with palladium. With our new materials, and more precious gemstones, come new methods in casting, setting, and finishing.

We put quality at the heart of everything we do, and as we continue learning, experimenting, and implementing, we’ll still be making everything with passion and precision.

If you’d like to follow along, simply scroll to the bottom of this page to join our Circinn insiders newsletter, or to follow us on social media.

Hallmarked at Edinburgh Assay Office

When it comes to manufacturing jewellery and silverware, precious metals (silver, palladium, gold and platinum) are rarely used in their purest form. Instead, they are usually alloyed with lesser metals in order to achieve a desired strength, durability, and colour.

It is not possible to detect the precious metal content of an item by sight or by touch. It is, therefore, a legal requirement to hallmark all items consisting of silver, palladium, gold or platinum (subject to certain exemptions) if they are to be described as such.

All of our items are assayed (tested) and hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office and we are an Assay Assured Jewellery Retailer. Assay Assured status is only given to retailers who have been independently audited and verified by the Edinburgh Assay Office and ensures that all precious metal jewellery (including items exempt by weight) is of the claimed standard – a protection over and above legal requirements. More information about hallmarking can be found here.