Circinn Jewellery

Guardian Angel

Our Original Design

Made In Argentium Silver

Celtic Gold

Inspired by Celtic knot designs and the beauty of the Gaelic language.

You order it.

We make and deliver it.

You treasure it forever.

Our Charm Rings are made from Solid 9K Gold to order. Choose something special to you that you can carry everywhere you go. It could represent luck. It could represent love. It could represent something special only to you.
Our brand new stacking rings are all made in solid Argentium Silver – a purer form of Silver that’s tarnish-resistant and shines brighter than Platinum. Check out our range of different styles and gem colours.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here are a few of the things some of our customers had to say about us.

While we're working hard on updating our website with our Christmas stock – here's a wee preview🥰

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This morning I wondered:

"What would a classic cuff bracelet look like in Argentium Silver?"

A few hours spent melting, milling, filing, polishing and heat-hardening, and I have my answer.

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Notice anything different about this Angel?🤩

We thought we'd try out Vermeil plating (a thick layer of 18ct Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver).

Gold prices are higher than ever, so we figured this way you get the look of 18ct Gold at the price of Sterling Silver.

What do you guys reckon? Should we add this to our website, or is just plain silver better? 🤔

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Celtic Love Knot Earrings

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Happy Friday!

Deòir – (Gaelic) Tear Drop

A single teardrop, bound in place by yellow gold.

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Guardian Angel Necklace

No matter how difficult life becomes, there’s always someone watching over us, caring for us. And no matter what life throws at us, there are always people we love and care for that we watch over. This necklace is a reminder that you’re never alone. There’s always someone in your life to draw strength from.

This beautiful design is made in Argentium Silver – purer than Sterling, and shines brighter and whiter than Platinum.

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The best kind of Monday Blues on the bench today 💍

London Blue Topaz Argentium Silver Ring

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Sometimes we all need an angel on our shoulder or simply a tiny talisman, keeping those precious to us closer in mind and spirit 🤍

Hope everyone's having a lovely start to the week! 💫

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Silver Triple Topaz Ring

A beautiful silver ring with 3 striking gemstones.

We make this ring in Argentium Silver – a purer form of silver than Sterling that shines brighter than platinum and doesn’t tarnish. The gemstones are expertly hand-set to shine and catch the light beautifully.

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Argentium Silver Aquamarine Cocktail Ring

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Deòir Necklace

Deòir – (Gaelic) Tear Drop

A single teardrop, bound in place by yellow gold.

Tears don’t have to be sad; they can come from Joy, from Pride, or they can be Bittersweet 🍁🍂🤍

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When I designed this Aquamarine ring, what I had in mind was something that would look like a 1970s version of futuristic. Like you'd see a princess wearing on a show like Buck Rogers.

Now that it's done, I'm thinking it has more of a 1920s flapper girl kind of vibe.

What do you think?🤔

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After we posted a shot of our prototype Triquetra ring the other week, a few people got in touch to ask about buying one.

Here's one, just off the bench, we made for a client in Argentium Silver.

Love this metal – I don't think this wee video actually does justice to how shiny and lustrous it is.

#argentium #argentiumsilver #argentiumjewellery #silver

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We just got some exciting news!

We've just become licensed users of the Argentium Brand and Trade Marks!

What does that mean?

It means that our soon-to-be-launched Argentium jewellery can be stamped with the Winged Unicorn as your guarantee of quality and purity. Also, we can supply a 'certificate of authenticity' with every Argentium piece.

It also means that our standard of materials and quality of workmanship conform to the high standards of Argentium International Limited.

Nice to be appreciated, and all that😉

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All of our silver rings are now being made with Argentium!

It's a purer kind of silver that's 7 times more resistant to tarnishing than sterling silver.

– It's whiter than sterling silver.
– It doesn't oxidise.
– It keeps its shine.

Best of all, if you're allergic to sterling silver, you won't get any reaction from Argentium!

It's purer, brighter, naturally beautiful, tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic and ethically sourced.

You won't have to worry about the effect on your silver rings from:
– constantly washing your hands.
– applying alcohol gel and disinfectant spray.
– using hand cream or sun tan lotion.

All of these things can cause your sterling silver to blacken and tarnish, while Argentium just shakes it off and keeps on shining😎

We launch our rings in a few days. If you'd like an exclusive special offer, just comment 'Message me' below👇, and we'll message you with details, just before we launch.

#argentium #argentiumsilver #argentiumjewelry #silver #ring #rings #stackingrings

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Sometimes it can be fun to just experiment and play around. This is a Celtic band design we tried out in this weekend's casting.

It was pretty tricky, but we're pretty pleased with it.

#celtic #ring

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This week we'll be taking photos of all our new stacking rings to put up on our website. We've got round, pear and oval-shaped settings for garnets, moonstones, black sapphires and different colours of topaz.

We can't wait to start making these to order for our lovely customers🤗!

#topaz #stackingrings #ring #handmade #artizan #bespoke

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Good to be back to the bench this week ⚒️
We're busy working on our new range of stacking rings 💫
Perfect to mix and match for summer 😎

#mystictopaz #stackingrings #topaz

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We've been a bit quiet lately…

…working on dozens of new designs that we're going to be releasing over the coming weeks. Lots of lovely new rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

For now, here's one of our new rings, just finished on the bench this morning.

Keep your eyes peeled for more new jewellery👀!

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Happy Friday, hope you're all well 😊We've been playing in the workshop adding patterns on our silver cuff bracelets. These tiny ferns turned out pretty cute and perfect for Spring 🌱

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